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Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Reduce Stress, Eliminate Fears, Worries and much more! With Online Sessions you can be comfortable to be in your own space and skip the drive to the office. Just as effective as an office visit! Call for a FREE consultation.
My husband and I both quit smoking with New Day Hypnotherapy. We were both surprised at how easy it was for us. We had tried to quit many times before, sometimes succeeding for a few weeks at a time, but one of us would start again, and then the other one would start. I really recommend it, we both found it easy to quit after the sessions, and haven’t been tempted to start again, It has been 10 months. Both of us had no cravings, no withdrawal.
I had failed the Bar exam seven times before I came to New Day Hypnotherapy. This examination is for attorneys to show they are qualified to practice law. I felt so ashamed that I couldn’t pass it. My family was ashamed of me, too. After just a few sessions with Carol I could pay attention to the studying I was doing. Before, my mind would wander, and I had no comprehension. Also, I would have a hard time paying attention to the questions on the test and staying focused. When I took the test again, I was calm, comfortable and confident, thanks to Carol and the hypnosis and EFT. I finished early, I couldn’t believe that, because I had always had a hard time finishing before. I passed the Bar. I am so very pleased with the sessions I had with Carol. If I hadn’t been hypnotized, I have no doubt that I would have failed once again.
Carol, I don’t know if you remember me or not. I came to you because I couldn’t drive across bridges. I had a conference in a city where I just had to drive across a big bridge over the river. I was really worried and anxious when I came in. Well, I went to the conference and drove across that bridge, not once but every day for the week of the conference. I have had no problems with that ever since I saw you. The fear is totally gone. We also worked on my insomnia, and it is so much better. Occasionally I wake up in the night, but go right back to sleep. Before, I was having to stay up if I woke up. You have really made my life so much easier. I told my sister-in-law about you, she will be calling. She has anxiety about dating again after being divorced. I told her you could help her. I am sure you can.
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