Welcome to Ecstatic Sunshine!

We are holistic health enthusiasts looking to help businesses in these challenging times. Therefore, we have created the largest holistic health database you will find in the US!

What can you do around here? There are many options, but first things first, you are enjoined to create an account for FREE by following this link.

List your business (store or practice)

Here in Ecstatic Sunshine, you can list your business for free. After confirming your registration, just log into your account and fill in this form. The listing can contain a title, description, contact phone, contact e-mail, address and a link to your website.

Again, it costs nothing to put up your listing with us.

Sell products

Our intuitive and friendly system enables users to list and sell their products as Vendors. Whether you have vitamins, essential oils, incenses or anything in between, you are welcome to sell whatever you like provided it’s related to Holistic Health.

To register for a Vendor account, fill out this form in this page and send an e-mail to [email protected]. Keep in mind website fee is 16% of the final product price. There are no registration fees, you only need to be approved as a seller to start selling.

Once approved, remember to customise your store in this link.

Please keep in mind that it’s the vendor’s responsibility to ensure the product reaches the buyer and it’s of appropriate quality. Ecstatic Sunshine only provides the platform through which people can do business. 

For more information, refer to the User’s Guide.

Create Coupons

Want to make a promotion so people buy more?

Log in to your vendor dashboard page by clicking “Manage Shop” on the top menu. Select the tab “Coupons” and then “Add New Coupon”!

You will be able to select how much discount you will give, how long the promotion will be for and for which products.

Remember we are here to help you, and make the US a healthier place to live.

Have any questions? Let us know!

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