A Starting Point Holistic Health and Nutrition

A Starting Point Holistic Health and Nutrition Center is where correcting many health disorders through the path of hygienics can change your health to change your life in 2 simple steps: 1. Stop enervating habits 2. Remove cause. Discover how Holistic Health through Weight Management, Nutritional Education, Physical, Mental, and Psychological Wholeness can Reserve Power.
The philosophy of Natural Hygiene is a science which restores and preserves health, provided Hygienic requirements, means, and conditions are met, upon which health depend such as food, fresh air, pure water, exercise, recreation, rest, sleep, warmth, sunlight, mental poise, and cleanliness.  Detox is provided to eliminate toxins from our blood and tissues. Toxicosis is the leading cause of disease. Every condition is related to a cause and effect.  Remove cause, then there are no symptoms.   Where there are no symptoms, there will be no need for treatment.

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