ParaWellness Research Program – Providing Parasite Diagnosis and Treatment

Comprehensive Parasite Testing and Consultation
Dr. d’Angelo has over 50 years in medical microbiology and parasitology. He is a medical doctor specializing in analyzing samples of human stool and urine for comprehensive parasite analysis on your request. He sends you a kit. You collect the samples and send them back prepaid. After extensive testing he provides you with the results and information on each parasite found.
If you are not already working with a practitioner Dr. d’Angelo is able to recommend a natural remedy program for you.
How do I get a parasite?
It depends on the type of parasite. Some come from the bite of certain insects. Others enter through food or liquids. A few can penetrate the skin, or other body orifices when going barefoot or swimming. Pets also can be a source of infection.
What kind of problems do parasites cause?
Inflammation and possibly destruction of the tissues in which the particular parasite inhabits are the main problems. For example in the gut, one or more symptoms of irritable bowel such as nausea, gas, bloating, cramping, constipation or diarrhea are common.

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