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Karen A. Di Gloria is considered by friends, family, and peers to be the “eternal nurse.” Although she has left the field of conventional medicine behind her, Karen’s passion for helping others live a quality life has never shined brighter. Her years of experience as an oncology nurse, and her desire to achieve abundant health were the catalysts for a radical career change.
Karen is one of the few, in the entire state of Florida, to undergo and complete the Biofeedback Specialist Certification Course in just under three months back in November of 2017!
She started out using the SCIO as a technician (2014-2017), and now ONLY utilizes the ultra-sophisticated bioenergetic and bioresonance technology device called the QUEST 9 as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist. The QUEST 9 is the most advanced biofeedback device on the market today!
Through the use of the QUEST 9 device, Karen is able to provide clients with stress reduction programs, pain management programs, muscle re-education programs, brainwave relaxation programs, and information on their current nutritional vs toxicity state.
In the hands of a qualified practitioner, the QUEST 9 can:
• Detect and reduce stress.
• Bring awareness to hidden stressors.
• Locate blocks and accelerate the natural balance and free flow of energy.
• Encourage the body’s natural healing processes.
• Jumpstart the body’s natural detoxification processes.
• Offer sensitivity and allergy awareness.
• Provide subconscious and emotional mind awareness.
• Offer chakra and energy meridian alignment.
• Provide pain management and muscle re-education.
In addition to the above, Karen conceptualized, co-owned, and operated Rawk Star Cafe, Inc.—a raw, plant-based and superfood marketplace in the Tampa Bay area—for over seven years. She earned her Raw Nutrition Certification through BodyMind Institute, authored and self-published SuperNaturawl Newtrition, and holds her Whole Life Coach Certification through the International Training Institute of Health.
Karen’s fusion of knowledge, achievements, and experience make her well qualified to offer nutrition and holistic psych coaching to those truly ready for a lifestyle change.

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