I have been doing Medical Intuitive work since age four. For thirty years I have been a Traditional Osteopath. I was lucky to be trained by an old school practitioner in some cases I carry their work. I have been working on animals since I was a kid and I went on to study programs that relate to animal health. I studied with the man who developed animal chiropractic and I work on animals from communication, mental health, emotional stress, physical hands-on methods, energetic and environmental issues. I have over thirty years of Nutritional education that is not like the main public, there are very important aspects of what I call silent nutrients that most of us lack and have for generations. I have been practicing shamanism and other energy arts since born I use them on humans, animals, and environments.
I am also a nationally certified herbalist which took place over fourteen years to complete from wildcrafting to anthroposophy plant medicines studies. I am a certified Biodynamic farmer and I love doing land restoration work. I make, construct, collect, create, activate and make medicines for the physical, energetic, spiritual for humans, animals, and environments.
I do all forms of holistic Healthcare: Structural, Food as Medicine, Nutritional, Herbal, Energetic Medicine Arts and More.
I speak any chance I get on topics that I specialize in. I work with people individually, family and groups. I teach classes. I work with and on people, animals and environments in person or online with a zoom video calls.
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